Multi Camera Event Video Production

Multi Camera Event Video Production

Multi Camera Event Video Production

When a celebration is filmed correctly there is lots of subtle cues at play that subconsciously don't go unnoticed. Using different camera angles, the mixture and timing of shots, all combine to share the appropriate feel, that's in sync with the message.

Single Camera Production

When creating a single camera event, it's preferred the camera is placed centrally, in front of the presenter. This is normally at the back of the area. It may sound obvious but its surprising how many event videos you watch don't do this.

Although the presenter is usually talking to the crowd before them, a properly positioned camera also allows engagement with the video audience.

In a single camera event video production, the primary role from the camera is to cover the individual speaking only, if there are other elements in the presentation such as a Power Point, these are inserted in the editing process.

If possible, it is ideal to cover a celebration using multiple cameras. Adding even one additional camera lifts the production value immensely. It not only adds visual interest, but allows greater flexibly within the editing and shaping of the final product.

Two Camera Production

On the two camera production, the 2nd camera is placed at the front from the room, facing back for the audience. The addition of an audience shot adds significant visual impact to the video and helps to create a sense of engagement with what is being said.

It is also an absolute must have for any event that has a question and answer session or significant amounts of audience interaction.

Three Camera Production

A third camera becomes necessary if you find a larger number of participants active in the event, such as a panel discussion.

The 3rd camera is normally positioned next to the first camera at the rear of the room, facing the on stage participants. It may then be used as a large shot showing the entire venue or as a group or single shot, should there be multiple presenters or panelists.

A multi camera production is normally edited in real-time around the night by using a vision mixer to do a 'live feed malaysia' edit during the event.

Usually the material then receives further editing off site, to wash up tighten the information.

Multi Camera Audio

Audio is definitely an equally important aspect of a celebration video production.

Good planning and also the right equipment mean that every participant involved in the event can be heard clearly.

The safest method to capture audio is perfect for each participant to obtain their own wireless microphone clipped on their own lapel. This allows the presenter or participants walk round the stage or roam with the audience whilst still maintaining good quality audio.

As a support I additionally have a wireless microphone around the lectern as well as receive an audio feed from the in-house system.

Ideally audio ought to be sent via wireless microphones to some mixing desk that then feeds into the vision mixer. It is also good practice to transmit one on the auxiliary feeds back to among the cameras for backup.

There are lots of factors that match to create an event video production, using multiple cameras is a superb way to obtain a professional result.







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