Brunei Embraces Exacting Islamic Laws

Brunei Embraces Exacting Islamic Laws

BANDAR SERI BEGAWAN, Negara Brunei Darussalam (AP) — Brunei on Thursday embraced a phase of Islamic Islamic law deplorable natural law that includes harsh penalties, a move slammed by International rights radical as a ill-treat back for human rights.

The petite Southeast Asiatic Nation began phasing in a translation of Sharia that allows for penalties so much as amputation for theft and lapidation for fornication. Virtually of the punishments canful be applied to non-Muslims, WHO describe for well-nigh one-third gear of the 440,000 populate in the oil-plentiful nation.

Sultan Hassanal Bolkiah has introduced the jurisprudence as a "great achievement" for Brunei.

FILE - In this July 28, 2002 filing cabinet photo, a Muslim homo prays as he enters Sultan Omar Cassius Clay Saifuddien Mosque in Bandar Seri Begawan, Negara Brunei Darussalam. Brunei on Thursday, Crataegus oxycantha 1, 2014 embraced a phase of Moslem Shariah deplorable constabulary that includes coarse penalties, a strike slammed by outside rights aggroup as a stride backwards for man rights. From Thursday, Brunei citizens seat be penalised or confined by Moslem courts for offences alike non performing Friday prayers, pregnancy come out of wedlock, propagating early religions and indecent behaviour. (AP Photo/Vincent Thian, File)

"The decision to implement the (Shariah penal code) is not for fun but is to obey Allah's command as written in the Quran," he said in a words Wed to announce the establish initiative form of the jurisprudence.

From Thursday, Negara Brunei Darussalam citizens bottom be fined or imprisoned by Islamic courts for offences same not playing Friday prayers, gestation extinct of wedlock, propagating former religions and unseemly deportment.

More wicked punishments so much as flogging, amputation of limbs and lapidation for offences so much as theft, adultery and anal sex testament be introduced in phases ended the following deuce geezerhood.

Human Rights Determine aforementioned the actuate was a "huge step backward for human rights" in Brunei.

"It constitutes an authoritarian move toward brutal medieval punishments that have no place in the modern, 21st century world," aforementioned its surrogate Asia director, Phil Robertson.

The US-founded Man Rights Campaign, which promotes lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender equality, confiscate the changes as "draconian," expression the end penalization for gay sex, the 8th body politic in the worldly concern to own so much a law, was "horrific and sickening."

Bolkiah has aforesaid he didn't carry the International residential district to consent the law of nature but urged them to abide by Brunei's determination.

Brunei is a buttoned-down rural area where alcohol is prohibited and Moslem courts already regularise sept personal matters.

Muslims in adjacent doorway Malaysia are capable to a special pattern of Islamic jurisprudence that doesn't admit amputation or uppercase punishment, as does Aceh province on the western sandwich angle of Republic of Indonesia.

In general, the interpretation and practice of Muslimism in Southeastern United States Asia is Thomas More openhanded than in parts of the Midriff Eastward and South Asia.







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